Stephanie Anne Johnson Isn’t Down For The Count Yet on The Voice

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Did you watch The Voice Season 5 – Last of the Battles? If you haven’t, go watch it now! See our crazy battle and the decisions that followed, and prepare yourself for some drama!

Ok, are you back now? Good. What a crazy moment that was! I was sure I was gone for good – we sang that country song and Christina chose that country singer, and  it was like a solid sock to the jaw at the end of a boxing match. I felt myself emotionally stagger, and I thought I was going down.

Then CeeLo swooped in and pushed that button, and suddenly, I was up and back in the fight – making me the very last steal and the FINAL member of the next round of Voice contestants.

Lotta feels for this girl.

My Tacoma TeamSAJ helped me put together a very fun photo shoot that expresses how it felt to be me that night. I LOVE how they turned out! What do you think?

Stephanie Anne Johnson Boxing Ring Battle 01

Stephanie Anne Johnson Boxing Ring Battle 02


Stephanie Anne Johnson Boxing Ring Battle 03

Stephanie Anne Johnson Boxing Ring Battle 04

There I am, ready to fight again!

 The Battles Boxing Photo Shoot

Art Direction by Sam O’Hara, my manager and publicist

Photography by Jason Ganwich – isn’t he amazing?

Makeup by Kari Baumann of Decorate Your Face - girl does some FANTASTIC bruises!

Hair by Jade Monreal of Supernova Hair and Tattoo - Jade does ALL my hometown hair.

What a team! I’ll give you the tour of their other awesome work in the next couple of days.

And remember – Stephanie Anne Johnson loves you!

6 Responses to Stephanie Anne Johnson Isn’t Down For The Count Yet on The Voice

  1. Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em! You go girl…….

  2. Ethan M. Allen

    Kick some ass Steph!!!
    (and don’t drink anything that Ceelo gives ya!!!) ;)

  3. Larrine Burke

    We thought it was a crock to give you two a country song when Olivia is known as a “country girl” and already knew that song. But you brought it girl!!! And Cee Lo made one of his best decisions ever!

  4. Karen Flatt

    Love the fight!! Keep fighting! You deserve to be there with a coach who is on your side!

  5. Heather

    You are one of our fans! Keep it up!

  6. Joanne Meyer

    Love the pics. We are definitely in your corner.

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