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Rolling Stone

‘The Voice’ Recap: Final Steal by Cee Lo Green Ends Battle Rounds

In the end, it took cruise ship singer Stephanie Anne Johnson to make Cee Lo part with his steal. Christina had paired Stephanie with country girl Olivia Henken, seemingly lobbing the stereotypically pretty blonde a homerun by picking the Band Perry’s “Done” as the battle song. In fact, Stephanie had never even heard the song before. Still, she powered through. But she was no match for Olivia’s Carrie Underwood-like looks, and Christina went with the safe choice, calling Olivia consistent, charismatic and spunky.

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Los Angeles Times

‘The Voice’ recap: Battles end with a steal, not a whimper

Aguilera pitted pretty blond country singer Olivia Henken against bubbly cruise-ship entertainer Stephanie Anne Johnson. The song she gave them, “Done” by the Band Perry, seemed tipped to give Henken the advantage, but Aguilera noted that there were hints of Aretha Franklin attitude in the song as well, which would suit Johnson. In fact, Green and Levine thought Johnson took the match.

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The Star-Ledger

‘The Voice’ 2013 recap: Best duet of the battle rounds, new twist added for knockouts

…Cruise ship singer with personality to spare Stephanie Anne Johnson from Tacoma, Wash.; “Done,” the Band Perry. Christina tells the women that they’re both holding back a little, although guest mentor Ed Sheeran has a clear affinity for Stephanie. Olivia really pours on the sass to compete with Stephanie, and they both sound great, Stephanie a little grittier, Olivia a little bigger. Cee Lo loves that Stephanie left it all on the stage, and Adam also favors Stephanie, but Blake likes Olivia’s more traditional country approach, though he says Stephanie “genuinely sang the crap out of it.”

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Broadway World

BWW Recap: The Voice: Tensions are Heightened on the Final Night of Battles

Despite the fact that both CeeLo and Adam favored Stephanie, Christina went with Olivia, feeling that she owned the song more with her country vibe. The road wasn’t over for Stephanie, who was quickly stolen by CeeLo, ending the Battles.

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Small Screen Scoop

Olivia Henke & Stephanie Anne Johnson — Done — The Voice 2013

Olivia Henke and Stephanie Anne Johnson from Team Christina were paired together with “Done” by The Band Perry and it closed out the night and the battles altogether. It was definitely the best battle of the night. Both girls are very powerful singers. Olivia had the advantage because it’s more of a country song and she’s a great country sing. But Stephanie definitely held her own and made the song work for her. It was surely a hard decision for Christina to make, but she ended up going with Olivia. But Cee Lo swooped in and save Stephanie with the very last save of the Battle Rounds.

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Gossip Cop

Olivia Henken and Stephanie Anne Johnson Have Fierce Final Face-Off on The Voice

Olivia Henken and Stephanie Anne Johnson went head to head on “The Voice” on Tuesday, during the final season 5 battle round. The contestants, both on Christina Aguilera’s team, took on “Done” by The Band Perry. After the fierce face-off, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine awarded the win to Johnson, but Blake Shelton thought Henken did the country track more justice.

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The News Tribune

‘Voice’ contestant Stephanie Anne Johnson relieved by last-minute save

 “Being let go by (coach) Christina (Aguilera) … I thought it was over. I was seeing the ocean in my mind. I’m getting back on a cruise ship. And then CeeLo pushed his button (to claim her for his team). It came as a big relief,” Johnson said.

Evening Magazine

NBC’s The Voice turns their chairs for Tacoma’s Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson wows the judges on the stage of “The Voice”. Take a listen and hear for yourself why she is now competing to be #1.

Idol Chatter

Meet Stephanie Anne Johnson of Team Christina on The Voice

Stephanie Anne has three albums worth of original material to her credit. Those include the 8-track “Orange” from 2011, the 12-track “For the Record” from 2012 and the 11-track “Hollatchgurl” from June of this year. You don’t have to go any further than “Busted Blues,” the lead track on the latter album, to find out how great Stephanie Anne sounds. She’s also got quite the personality…

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Porthole News

Cruise Singer has “The Voice”

Stephanie Anne Johnson, singing KT Tunstall’s “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree,” got two celebrity judges (Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green) to turn around their chairs…

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KING 5 News

Tacoma woman takes the stage on ‘The Voice’

Tacoma resident Stephanie Anne Johnson is competing on NBC’s The Voice on “Team Christina.” She gave locals a preview of her singing ability over the weekend. She’ll be singing on the show Tuesday night.

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Entertainment Weekly

‘The Voice’ recap: Second Time’s A Charm

…Stephanie’s voice is quite the sleeper hit. Starting off inconspicuously, she belts out a powerful run that has Christina and CeeLo moving. “We could feel the attitude right through the chairs,” says Adam. Stephanie says she wants to sing “indie-soul.” She chooses Christina, saying, “You haven’t had a winner yet and we’re gonna fix that.”

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Broadway World

BWW Recap: THE VOICE Auditions Get Better, Judges Get Pickier in Episode Four

…The next contestant was Stephanie Anne Johnson, a classically trained singer who made her living singing on cruise ships out of Alaska. She sang “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” (one of my favorites!) and completely rocked the house with it.

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The Wrap

…Stephanie Anne Johnson gave a great performance that lived up to Grandma’s hype. Stephanie’s voice is quirky, lovely and a little weird. Freddie Mae summed it up best when she said “The whole world is gonna hear her – oh how wonderful!” Right on, Grandma. That’s a voice that needs to be heard.

11 Highlights From ‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions Week 2 (Guest Blog)

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The News Tribune

Two out of three Pierce County contestants make ‘The Voice’

Johnson’s performance of KT Tunstall’s “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” grabbed the interest of celebrity coaches CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera who simultaneously hit the big red buttons that turned their chairs.

Wet Paint

Watch Stephanie Anne Johnson Sing “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” on The Voice 2013 Blind Auditions

On October 1, indie-soul singer Stephanie Anne Johnson took The Voice stage to belt out “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall. The 29-year-old Tacoma native received a two-chair turn from coaches Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green.

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Hollywood Life

‘The Voice’ Recap: Former Contestant James Irwin Makes Emotional Return

…Another stand-out performer was Stephanie Anne Johnson, a cruise ship singer who’s “ready to get back on land.” Singing a powerful rendition of KT Tunstall‘s “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” she landed herself a spot on Team Christina.

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Las Vegas Guardian Express

The Voice The Blind Auditions Part 4 October 1 

Stephanie Ann Johnson likes to sing Classical Voice types of songs. She sings and plays her guitar on cruise ships, but she misses her friends, and would like to get back “on land” to sing. She is awesome! The song she sings is called Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. Cee Lo really seems to like it, as does Christina — they both turned their chairs around.

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Pop Stardust

“The Voice” Recap: You May Call Him Adam, King of the Four Chair Turn

…Stephanie Anne Johnson is a cruise ship singer with a phenomenal grandmother played the blues and gospel music for Stephanie when she was growing up and who is so supportive and just the cutest and the best and FREDDIE MAE! Stephanie is singing “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” and I don’t know if it’s her grandma or her voice or her presence but girl is making me SMILE…

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MJs Big Blog

The Voice 5 – Blind Auditions 4 – Recap and Videos

…Stephanie is a real surprise on stage. More blues than R&B, she’s got an interesting vibe. Love her tone and phrasing. Just enough growl in just the right places. Cee Lo and Christina turn their chairs. Adam loves her attitude. Cee Lo is surprised at what he sees.

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The News Tribune

Pierce County talent in spotlight on ‘The Voice’

Pierce County is a hotbed of talent for the hit NBC singing competition “The Voice.”


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