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A Few Unmistakably True Things and a Shoutout

Things I know: One: Grandmothers (when given their druthers) will brag about their grandchildren all day and all night to anyone who will listen. Thanks, Nana! Two: My mother is my rock. She’s rational and supportive, so lovely and honest and beautiful and I am grateful for her. Three: The

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Los Angeles

So I came to Los Angeles to visit friends (and test the waters) and have a look around. Last time I was here was in college with my choir. We were singing at the American Choral Directors Association national conference. We saw the Los Angeles opera presentation of Aida and

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My favorite kind of photo!!

See, I’m like a pedestrian artist. I’m a tad bit bourgeois (cause I love to eat the grilled lobster tail, the occasional bite of seared foie gra and the taste of champagne) but I’m also hella street level with my other tastes (whiskey and taco trucks). So here’s me pushing

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Rome, Naples and Florence

Rome: Pizza in the Holy City…that’s actually it’s own country. So the cool thing about my life is that sometimes when I turn on a movie I grin and say to myself, “I’ve been there.” > I decided to watch Angels and Demons (cause why not Tom Hanks is awesome).

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Egypt waits for you

I saw some Pyramids!! Aaaaaaaa!!! Okay, lemmie start at the beginning. Up early and collect the passport at 7:15 on the bus (with an Egypt stamp in my passport!!!) by half seven (that means 7:30 in British, also Irish, Slang). Sat next to this guy Australian born of Croatian patents.

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Now, everybody converses. We speak out minds, we express ourselves. Even silence sends a message. Here are a couple of my favorite phrases. Anytime a person from the England, Ireland, Scotland or possibly Australia says to you, “You alight?” do not find a mirror and check your teeth hair or

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Shawarma after: 2nd Israel day!

This day was different than the first Israel day first because there was no customs hassle cause all that was taken care of the day before. Secondly, I was taken on tour by some very nice guests from Carmel California. Myself, the two Waldmen’s and her parents Gigeet and Ageet

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First Israel Day!!

So this day was super early. 7am to wake up to do a face-to-face interview with customs officials. Get in line. Get your passport from human resources. Stand in line again. Get looked at by the customs official who then speed talks in Hebrew to either another customs official or

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Gee whiz!! Istanbul is a huge place. So says the sax player (the guy who tends to know the most about the ports) Istanbul is Europe’s most populated city. 13 million people. Metropolitan. Lot’s of folks. Traffic. Cars. Busses. Mosques, big ones with large sometimes ornate minarets. The call to

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Are You Efes Kidding?!

So we ate these foods at this cool joint called Bul Bul right outside of the crazy touristy area. Wifi, Turkish coffee, nice fellas, the ubiquitous stares. Then we hopped a cab (50 Euro) then headed towards Ephesus. There were hawkers posted outside the entry. “You need hat!” “You need

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