Public Intimacy through house concerts

I tend to write as a coping mechanism. When bad or really just emotionally challenging things happen in life, I find the most solace and success when I sit down and pick up the guitar. I can’t always articulate my thoughts clearly (or how I would wish to) in the moment, but after the fact, […]

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Love shouldn’t hurt and it can happen to anyone

Five years ago, I got a phone call from a friend asking if she could come over. We went to college together and were the last two from our friend group to stay in Tacoma and not moved to Seattle or points east or south. I told her she could definitely come over. She told […]

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Closed eye with tear drop

Celebrating love through grief

The mother of a guy I grew up with died at some point yesterday or rather- it’s only 11 so- today at some point she died. Her name was Debra King. This woman was present at the table with me, my family and her family at Easters, Christmases and Thanksgivings for all of my formative […]

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Water feature outside Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA.

A Day in My Life in Tacoma

My Sunday was mostly a long colorful blur. I left my house sometime around 8:40 to get to my church job by 9:15. This was the first Sunday that I wasn’t Special Music. I was actually on the crew this week. There were three standard weekly tunes that I have heard but never played before […]

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Young drummer at 2015 Rain City Rock Camp Showcase

Rock your summer at camp!

Rain City Rock Camp for Girls is the coolest place I have been all summer! This started last May, I was standing in my friend’s living room rehearsing for “Show Boat.” I got a call, or perhaps even an email, from my friend Michelle (affectionately referred to as “Mama Mo”) of the Staxx’s Brothers. Maybe […]

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Stephanie Anne Johnson standing wide armed in the middle of the street with her face turned to the sky.

Own it, whatever IT is to you!

UPDATE: Be a part of the this life affirming program! Urban Campfire is designed to engage women in authentic conversations about business, relationships and life. Our mission is to provide the spark for women to experience sweet moments of inspiration, both business and personal, through joyful kinship and conversation. It’s not a conference. It’s a […]

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“Goals” is not a bad word and can change your life

A goal is the object of a person’s ambition, desire or effort; an aim or desired outcome. I don’t know about you, but college was a long time ago for me. That definition leaves me a little weary. In my own words, a goal is something you want and want is a big thing. When […]

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Someone Who Loves You

I listen to a lot of public radio. I much prefer listening to conversation or a human voice talking rather than music, which I usually do for the purposes of learning for work; either for a song I’m learning or learning to teach to someone else. The concept of just listening to music for the […]

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Free Compliments - Please take whatever will make you smile

Compliments are insightful if you accept them

What sets off my brain I think this all started because my guy and I went to have dinner with old friends. I sang at their wedding some ten years ago, and I was actually there the night they met and had the epic conversation that led to their partnership. This friend of mine is […]

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Girl Scouts statement: We won't exclude any girl.

A legacy of growth and inclusiveness

My Mother’s Story of the Girl Scouts My mother told me stories from when she was a little girl and was kept out of the local Girl Scout troop because she’s black. I never knew the particulars until I asked her more questions about it. She said a friend of hers at school invited her […]

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