Things must change

A few years ago, I was on a boat sailing around the Mediterranean and singing with new friends. In Italy as a joke, another singer told me that I looked like the girl who played “Precious” in the movie by the same title. I came apart. I cried for three days. In my eyes, not [...]

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Love and all its shades

I left town last Sunday and was gone through Tuesday night in Portland for rehearsals. Some might argue I missed Wednesday as well because I didn’t get home until 1 AM Thursday morning. My partner was in bed waiting for me on top of the covers. You need the bed the way I like it. [...]

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Stand up for yourself, I will be by your side!

I’m just incensed when it comes to homophobia. How can you be a grown person and be homophobic? I remember not liking gay people when I was in middle school, knew nothing about life, knew no gay people and watched a lot of Jerry Springer. I also remember in high school getting teased for being [...]

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Now accepting invitations

There was a girl who went to my college that I only remember from one year. At one point in freshmen year, she told everyone that I stole an item from her room, which wasn’t true. She gave this information away at the end of December. I started my first job during January term, and [...]

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Because the time is now, and it is for me.

Forgiveness is a powerful thing. I had two friends forgive me this week. One friend forgave me for my temper. We had a falling out over a gig that happened last summer, and it prevented us from being in contact for ten months. This is the guy who played all the lead riffs on my [...]

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Remembering Selma

I just came from the Selma 50 march! I got a ride from my friend Serni, who is a fellow PLU alum. We rode excitedly to our destination, while watching small groups of people head toward the bridge. There were people, so many people; black people, white people, young people, old people. The Black Machinist [...]

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Don’t sell me short. I sound like me!

“Since when did my talking right equate to me talking white?” I saw this phrase as part of a poem performed (and I assume written) by a woman named Ernestine Johnson. It was part of a clip from the short lived Arsenio Hall show reboot. I watched the video, posted it, then watched it again [...]

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Moving beyond fear to joy

I was 25 when I signed my first contract on a cruise ship, and had pretty much only lived with my family. I was engaged to the wrong dude. We split, and I decided, fuck it, nothing awesome is happening at home. Let’s go see about someplace else. I got onto the boat with a [...]

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Getting strong and finding myself

“Is there a time limit you’re trying to stick to? Do you need to lose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time? What are you thinking?” This is the way my personal trainer asked me about my fitness goals at our very first training session. “I want to change my life,” [...]

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Stephanie Anne Johnson with her guitar in Point Defiance Park in her home town.

I am…me; that is all and everything.

I don’t know about you, but when I see black people on TV or represented in the media at all, the women have weaves, big asses or are toothless, helpless and in pain. The men are either deadbeat drug addicts who rob people; the slick well-dressed urban black bad guy who is on a paper [...]

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