“Goals” is not a bad word and can change your life

A goal is the object of a person’s ambition, desire or effort; an aim or desired outcome. I don’t know about you, but college was a long time ago for me. That definition leaves me a little weary. In my own words, a goal is something you want and want is a big thing. When [...]

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Someone Who Loves You

I listen to a lot of public radio. I much prefer listening to conversation or a human voice talking rather than music, which I usually do for the purposes of learning for work; either for a song I’m learning or learning to teach to someone else. The concept of just listening to music for the [...]

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Free Compliments - Please take whatever will make you smile

Compliments are insightful if you accept them

What sets off my brain I think this all started because my guy and I went to have dinner with old friends. I sang at their wedding some ten years ago, and I was actually there the night they met and had the epic conversation that led to their partnership. This friend of mine is [...]

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Girl Scouts statement: We won't exclude any girl.

A legacy of growth and inclusiveness

My Mother’s Story of the Girl Scouts My mother told me stories from when she was a little girl and was kept out of the local Girl Scout troop because she’s black. I never knew the particulars until I asked her more questions about it. She said a friend of hers at school invited her [...]

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fist bump image of black and white fists with family written across them

Let me hear you say, “Yeah!”

When I was in high school, I had a lady friend who had a car before I got my driver’s license. This puts me at about age 15. She used to take naps in the middle of the day. So did I. She was really into drama class and club, just like me. We even [...]

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Stephanie and marchers remember Selma

How not to be a racist…

Check out this video I found online. You might be thinking, “But Stephanie, you picked a video narrated by a white woman to talk about race.” Yes, I did. I picked her video because I think she covered a lot of very fertile material that could be thoughtfully researched and discussed by lots of humans. [...]

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Stephanie breathing before The Wiz audition

Off to see NYC, but the yellow brick road was not for me

As I left The Voice, I assured the enthroned famous people that I wasn’t going to quit, and that I wasn’t deterred. Basically, that shit wasn’t over for me. I said it mostly because I needed to hear it at that moment. I needed to be reassured that my career (the thing I knew I [...]

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Single microphone

Collaboration in music (art) offers its own beauty

The Grass is Always Yellower by Randy Robbins I don’t remember whether we went to the studio in February or March. At any rate, it was early spring or late fall in the Northwest, which means it was raining. I do remember that I left home early to make it to the studio at around [...]

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My Body, My Choice, My Love

Every tattoo that I have I got in an attempt to love myself more. To love my body and make peace with the way it is and the experiences I’ve had. I grew up slightly bookish and in my own world most of the time. I don’t remember feeling really “cool” or “in” or “popular.” [...]

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What am I getting out of music, teaching and living life?

I enjoy music more because I sometimes have to listen to bad music, like the music of a kid who is not in tune, who is not counting, who cannot count or who is too afraid to sing and is mumbling into the microphone. Sometimes, I have to listen to music like that, and I [...]

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